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Aquarium Life Luxuries

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Running a popular aquarium is a city as big as Miami gives you a number of perks, including a large amount of money. And, if you think about it, it’s not about the money. It’s what the money can buy for you. Running Ocean World Aquaria for the last 13 and half years has provided a lifestyle I could only dream of previously. I’ve been able to travel to Italy, check of Mykonos in Greece, skinny dip in the Virgin Islands, snorkel in Thailand, sail across the Mediterranean, and so much more. My family has always been exposed to this luxury life, so they’ve gotten used to it. Just last week, for a friend’s bachelor party, we paid for a luxury party boat rental and spent 3 days dancing to live music in the bay area. It’s a cool experience because we could see clown fish and other unique marine life swimming around under the glass deck of the yacht. I could not be happier to manage this business and continue living life the way I am right now. I truly wish everyone could experience this because they’d never be able to go back to a 9 to 5 job after living one day like we do daily. I feel fortunate to have been able to do this and blessed that my life continues to improve. Looking forward to the next year, we plan to expand Ocean World Aquaria into 2 new locations in Tampa and Clear Water. If our experience is anything like it has been with Miami, everyone is in for a real treat.


Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Having an aquarium in your house has several health advantages, including stress reduction and blood pressure reduction. Freshwater tanks are easier to maintain than saltwater tanks, and their inhabitants are more tolerant of newcomers’ errors. Freshwater fish come in a wide range of colors and types, ensuring that your aquarium is brimming with life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best aquarium fish that you might want to add to your home.


Discus belongs to the Cichlidae family and is known as the “King of the Aquarium” because of their magnificent majesty and royal hues. At least 3 species have been identified, however, the legitimacy of numerous scientific names has been questioned. Due to their particular water chemistry and nutritional requirements, wild-caught discus can be difficult to keep; however, most discus marketed today are captivity bred and it is much simpler to manage.

They are not, however, suitable for novices for a number of reasons. Numerous color variations have been produced through selective breeding, and more are being developed. The information given here may also be applied to wild-caught P. scalare and P. altum angelfish, as well as Uaru, for care and maintenance needs.


The Clown Loach is indeed a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Botiidae family. Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesian islands, are home to them.

They spend most of the year inflowing rivers, however at the start of the monsoon season, they migrate upstream to smaller streams rich in plant life, where they breed and give birth to the next generation of these fascinating fish. For at least the last few decades, this species has been extensively taken from its native habitat for the aquarium business. They are, nevertheless, still very common in their native area. These fish have been known to survive up to ten years. Most local pet stores sell them at roughly $9 a piece, but most places give you a discount if you buy them in shoals.


blue fish

Betta fish are now one of the most popular and attractive pet fish in the world, but they weren’t always that way. The genus Betta comprises over 73 species, but the most well-known is Betta splendens, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta fish in the wild is a drab greyish-green hue with small fins, unlike the vibrantly colored, long-finned beauty of today! Veil, delta, Halfmoon, crowntail, double tail, and a variety of other colors and fin types have been produced via selective breeding.


The Comet goldfish is the most popular aquarium fish in the world. These fish are ideal for novices since they are tough enough to put up with a lot of rookie errors. The hue of this long-bodied fish can range from white to brilliant orange to dark brown. They may grow up to 12 inches or longer if properly cared for, therefore a big tank is necessary.


Red, blue, green, black, or yellow fish, or a mix of these hues, can be found. Some marine angelfish have whirling multicolored patterns on their scales, while others have stripes or are largely solid in color. They have a slender, flat body with dorsal and anal fins that are curled. Their pectoral fins are feathery, and they have dark eyes and a tiny mouth. On their bodies, all angelfish have a thorn or a spiny growth. Their scientific name, Pomacanthidae, means “cover thorn” in Greek.


Danios are a kind of schooling fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family. The majority of species have a lifespan of fewer than two years “and are usually orientated towards the surface. A few species, such as the dangila and gigantic danios, may grow to be 5 feet long “in terms of length Danios are robust fish that can withstand a broad variety of temperatures and water chemistry, making them ideal for beginners and freshly arranged aquariums.

They are loud when they are active, but they seldom injure other fish. Through selective breeding, several color variations and long-finned forms have been created. White cloud mountain minnows are classified as danios since they are closely linked fish from the same location with similar aquarium requirements.


Cory Catfish (also called Corydoras, Cory Cats, or Armored Catfish) are among the most recognized freshwater fish.

Aquarists of all skill levels adore them because of their soft demeanor, gentle attitude, and distinctive traits. Cory Catfish is one of the most coveted fish in the hobby when it comes to temperament. It’s almost adorable how serene and calm they are.

Furthermore, Corydoras get along with almost any species; nevertheless, since they are non-aggressive and rarely “stand up for themselves,” they should not be kept with aggressive aquarium mates. However, don’t mistake Corydoras’ polite demeanor for boredom. At all hours of the day, Cory Catfish are active and interesting to watch.

They are highly sociable fish that should be kept in groups of at least five.


This family is full of dazzling tiny gems, which is quite amazing. They can be kept by both novice and veteran aquarists with equal success. They will blend in seamlessly with nearly any type of arrangement.

Tetras come in different sizes and shapes, so whether you have a big tank or a little one, there’s a Tetra for you. Tetras come in a variety of sizes and colors, so there’s something for everyone.

They range in size from a fraction of an inch to many inches. Some are a combination of purple, green, and yellow, while others appear drab at first look.


Freshwater fish may be just as bright and flashy as saltwater fish. Freshwater fish acquisition is what we do. If you’re a novice aquarium owner, be sure to take care of your fish on a daily basis and get to know their characteristics. With practice, you’ll grow to like your adorable freshwater fish!

7 Best Aquariums in the U.S.: Your Ultimate 2021 Guide

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

If you are an animal lover or looking to get your children interested in the world of marine life, then the best aquariums in the U.S. should be on your bucket list! This article will explore seven of America’s most popular aquariums and what makes them so extraordinary. We will discuss their location, entrance fee cost, hours of operation, and other details that could make these attractions a memorable experience for any traveler!

This list is not in any particular order. In fact, you could argue that all seven of these places are amongst the best! After reading this article, we hope you have a better idea about which aquariums to visit and why they’re so special.

Aquarium Of The Pacific, California

Let’s get started with number seven on our list: The Aquarium Of The Pacific in Long Beach, California.

Located in the southern part of the U.S., The Aquarium Of Pacific is a world-class attraction that offers nearly two million gallons worth of aquatic exhibits from over 100 different species! This aquarium has been around for almost 20 years and holds one impressive distinction: it’s considered one of the world’s largest aquariums.

Ticket prices are $29 for adults and $19 for children, seniors, and military personnel, with discounts available. A parking fee of about ten dollars is also applicable if you choose to drive yourself there instead of taking public transportation! As far as hours go, they’re open from nine a.m until five p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m until five p.m on Sundays!

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Next, we have the Georgia Aquarium located in Atlanta, Georgia, with over ten million gallons of water to explore! This aquarium is home to more than 100 different habitats filled with aquatic life from worldwide, including whale sharks, manta rays, and beluga whales. Kids will be delighted by the petting pools, live animal encounter shows, and much more!

This aquarium is open seven days a week with general admission tickets costing $35 for adults and $24 for children three through twelve years old. Senior citizens get in at a discounted price of only ~$29, while military personnel receives a massive discount of $24. Group rates are available as well!

Hours vary from seven a.m until six p.m; during the weekdays and ten a.m until five p.m on weekends, so check their website for more information before you visit!

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Lousiana

Our next great aquarium is in New Orleans, Louisiana, at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas! This location is a part of Audubon Nature Institute, which also houses an Insectarium and Butterfly Garden.

The aquarium features several exhibits from sharks to dolphins, including one unique attraction: penguins! You can get up close with these amazing creatures without even getting wet during scheduled feeding times or behind-the-scenes tours!

General admission costs $27 for adults and children, along with discounts available to senior citizens, military personnel, Aquarium of the Americas members (join here!), etc. There are no set hours, but they open at nine a.m every day except Christmas Day so make sure you check their website before visiting!

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in beautiful California and has been around for over forty years! It’s situated right on the water, with some of its twenty exhibits even surrounding you from all angles. This aquarium is home to sea otters, jellyfish (including moon jellies), penguins, sharks, eels, rays…etc.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve, with general admission costing $30 for adults and children. Senior discounts are also available, along with a family pass option if you plan to visit more than once within twelve months! The aquarium opens at nine a.m., making it the perfect place to start your day or even spend it.

National Aquarium, Baltimore

Our next pick is the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, which houses over 16,000 aquatic animals representing more than 800 species! On top of that incredible number, there are also about 400 different varieties of fish on display here, making this aquarium one impressive attraction you won’t want to miss when visiting the East Coast!

The National Aquarium in Baltimore has so many exhibits to explore and special events to attend that we can’t list them all here! However, you should check their website before visiting so you can plan out your entire day because once inside, we guarantee you won’t want to leave until closing time.

Prices vary depending on age and where you purchase your tickets, but general admission for adults is $40 while children receive a discounted price of only ~$32.

American Museum Of Natural History, New York

Next, we have our number four destination, which also happens to be located in New York City! The American Museum of Natural History is a museum that houses the Hayden Planetarium, an IMAX theater, and of course…an aquarium!

The American Museum of Natural History’s exhibits is divided into two parts: indoors, which features impressive sea creatures including jellyfish, turtles (sea), manatees (river), etc. At the same time, the other half can be found outside with penguins, sea lions, dolphins (which are fed daily), seals, etc.

The American Museum of Natural History’s aquarium is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, with general admission costing $22 for adults while children receive a discounted price of only ~$14! Senior citizens can get in at a lower rate, too, if they’re over the age of 65. In addition, you can check the aquarium’s website to see all of their unique events, including Feeding Times (Daily at 11:45 a.m.; Dolphin Show, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon).

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay

Our fifth destination is located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida! This location is home to one incredible aquarium that focuses on marine life native to the Gulf of Mexico. The aquarium’s main tank is 500,000 gallons with more than 25 exhibits for you to explore along with some special events on their schedule like Nights at the Aquarium (Thursdays) and even a Dolphin Splash Encounter!

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has daily entrance fees that vary depending on age and what you want to do at the aquarium. General admission for adults is $20, while children receive a discounted price of only ~$15! This fantastic Florida attraction opens daily from nine a.m.-seven p.m., making it easy for everyone in your group to find time to visit if you’re planning on doing so during your vacation.

That is it with the list of our seven favorite aquariums in the United States. They have some of the coolest aquarium fish you can buy. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you think we missed one, let us know in the comments below!

US Aquarium & Fish Supplier

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Starting out small in 2009, we began as a family-owned aquarium company. My father grew up with a liking to fish and just couldn’t get enough. He fished all over the country, but didn’t want to eat them. Instead, he saved the fish and built a huge tank in the backyard to admire their swimming. Every since that day, he’s been all-in for capturing and growing exotic fish. He started the aquarium business in June of 2010 and has never looked back.

Although he mostly supplies the eastern US, such as New York and New Jersey, he has the capability to send fish everywhere. The company, Ocean World Aquaria builds custom aquariums for museums, zoos, and other commercial establishments across the US. In addition, we are you go-to source for finding exotic fish to fill your tank. Need a clown fish? No problem. Give us a call anytime to put in your request and we’ll deliver it promptly.