Aquarium Life Luxuries

Running a popular aquarium is a city as big as Miami gives you a number of perks, including a large amount of money. And, if you think about it, it’s not about the money. It’s what the money can buy for you. Running Ocean World Aquaria for the last 13 and half years has provided a lifestyle I could only dream of previously. I’ve been able to travel to Italy, check of Mykonos in Greece, skinny dip in the Virgin Islands, snorkel in Thailand, sail across the Mediterranean, and so much more. My family has always been exposed to this luxury life, so they’ve gotten used to it. Just last week, for a friend’s bachelor party, we paid for a luxury party boat rental and spent 3 days dancing to live music in the bay area. It’s a cool experience because we could see clown fish and other unique marine life swimming around under the glass deck of the yacht. I could not be happier to manage this business and continue living life the way I am right now. I truly wish everyone could experience this because they’d never be able to go back to a 9 to 5 job after living one day like we do daily. I feel fortunate to have been able to do this and blessed that my life continues to improve. Looking forward to the next year, we plan to expand Ocean World Aquaria into 2 new locations in Tampa and Clear Water. If our experience is anything like it has been with Miami, everyone is in for a real treat.

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